How long will it take to get my painting?

Again, our process is.

Depending on how much work is stacked up for our designers, it will take 1-3 days to design the painting. The design state is a very important part of this process - it is where we make a lot of decisions with you about what we are trying to do with the painting. Once we have finished, we will email you an image of the design. Assuming you have no changes you want made, we can then start the painting. The good news is that we are much faster than Da Vinci. While he took 4 years to complete the Mona lisa, we rarely spend more than ten days on a painting and most of that time is waiting for a layer to dry. There are certain pigments that will dry more quickly but oils don't dry by evaporation they harden by a chemical reaction.

While technology advances the first sketch and value study, the oil painting still progresses much as it did hundreds of years ago. I like to take the image and project it on a canvas and do a quick outline in charcoal or a very diluted color. Because I am most patient at this stage, I then do the focus of the painting. This can be a feature - eye's, hair, face - or some other line or shape. This is the part that determine's the success of the painting. Once this is nearly done, I approach the background elements and use them to draw the eye back to the focus. For portraits, we almost always get the portrait to look exactly like the picture. In our sports action and sometimes in our portraits we capture much more than just the image.

Once we are finished with the painting, we will take a digital picture of the painting and send it to you for your approval. If everything looks ok to you and no changes are required, we will let the painting harden to the point where it is safe to ship. We have found that this is the most difficult stage and it requires discipline. We know you are anxious to hang the painting in your home and we are anxious to have a pleased customer. But if we rush it, we could ruin the painting. So depending on the pigments used, the thickness of the paint (like an impasto style for example) this will take 4-8 days.

Once we have a painting ready for shipment, we do our final quality control and accounting check. (Our business manager doesn't like it if we ship paintings that haven't been paid for). If all is ok, we cover the painting with a protective layer and put it in a reinforced mailing tube. If you selected the optional frame or stretcher bars, these will be included at this step as well. Then depending on the mode of shipment you selected, your painting will arrive a few days later.

We have thought of using other methods and mediums to speed up the process but we just didn't like what we would have to sacrifice to get there. Taking an extra few days on something that will last more than 100 years seems like a small price to pay.