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Searching for Oil Painting? Searching for Portraits? Searching for someone who understands Sports? Searching for someone who specializes in dance? You've come to the right place, maybe the only place, that can take the fear and risk out of buying an oil painting.

The process is simple:

Image Pick out the style and size you'd like.

Image Email or upload the photograph.

Image Receive our design.

Image Approve the design and wait for painting to arrive at your door.

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The story of Pearl Mountain Studio - turning sports and dance into art.

Pearl Mountain Studio grew out of one athlete's desire to sketch, draw, paint sports in action. While it started as a hobby where he would do three or four paintings a year, as his reputation grew so did the business. The result is this website.

Working from your photograph, we will create a warm, breathing work of art that will last for generations. Take a look at our gallery, our different product categories - sports , dance , portraits and use your imagination. Somewhere in that box of photographs is the very special picture that needs to be painted.

And while this is a business that has inventory, material costs, margins and hopefully profits, We are not in this to take advantage of anyone. We could go into a lot of legalese but what it boils down to is you will get our best effort both in terms of quality and timliness. But if we somehow fail you, then you don't pay anything.


100% Handpainted

You do have other options. You can get a print-to-canvas where your photograph is printed on canvas for framing. Some studio's will also add brushstrokes so it will appear that your print is an oil painting. There's also a method called giclee printing which is very popular. This takes the painting an reproduces it on canvas or watercolor paper. There are a lot of giclee works being sold out there as oil paintings.

At Pearl Mountain Studio we only do watercolor and oil painting. We don't want to disparage any of the other techniques, they certainly have a service that is desired by many customers. We just feel that the artist's interpretation has value to your subject and that the more time consuming method of creating the art will be what you want. While forever is a long time, we do prepare our work for a 100 year plus life.


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Find that perfect picture and send it to us so we can start your paining. We are the choice of Professional Dancers and Professional Athletes - come join them with your own portrait.


Painting from a Photograph

When we paint from a photograph we don't necessarily make a mirror image of the photograph. If you wanted that then a print-to-canvas might be your better choice. What we try to do is to add some of the character of the subject along with the richness of the oil paint to give you a classic portrait that you will be proud to display in your home.